Thursday, 29 June 2017

The erosion of democratic accountability in education

"COUNCILS are preparing a campaign to oppose a radical shake-up of the way Scottish schools are run. Cosla, the umbrella body for local authorities, is to write to the Scottish government highlighting concerns over the proposals."

"Earlier this month, John Swinney, the Education Secretary, unveiled plans to give more power to headteachers alongside a new statutory requirement to raise standards."

"Mr Swinney also transferred the power to provide support for schools to seven new regional `collaborative` bodies led by a director who will report to the chief inspector of schools."

"Previously, councils were responsible for improving schools and reports on progress would be presented for scrutiny to education committees made up of locally-elected councillors."

"A paper on the changes prepared for Cosla’s special leaders meeting on Friday warned that giving more power to headteachers `eroded` local democratic accountability."

"Officials also said it was unclear how the plans would be regulated or enforced."

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