Thursday, 29 June 2017

Petition to Scottish parliament about teacher training

[Anne Glennie 2015: Scottish teachers are not being trained to teach reading according to evidence based practice]

[Debbie Hepplewhite: June 29 2017]

"Regardless of the country in which you reside, please do support Anne Glennie’s parliamentary petition to bring about an official enquiry in Scotland regarding teacher-education in evidence informed reading instruction:"

See here: ... nstruction

"It is an absolute travesty that England has made good strides towards the need for systematic synthetic phonics and yet to all intents and purposes, Scotland has made a back-slide. Worryingly, this is the case in Wales too."

"How ironic that the parliamentary inquiry in England leading to Sir Jim Rose’s exceptionally important independent review was highly influenced by the Clackmannanshire studies in Scotland (Johnston and Watson) and yet in Scotland itself, promotion of systematic synthetic phonics is not universal and a leading academic, Sue Ellis, (and others) works actively through official auspices to undermine the need for systematic synthetic phonics."

"Scotland also appears to be moving increasingly towards discovery learning and the official guidance, Curriculum for Excellence, is nothing short of a nightmare in its complexity and unhelpfulness for teachers in Scotland..."

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