Thursday, 22 June 2017

The political attack on society

[UK Column 16 June 2017]

"Yesterday we mentioned so-called gender neutrality. We picked up on this. This is Highgate school who decided that they were being too binary in the way that they`re looking at boys and girls. So they were proposing that really anything went and if boys wanted to be called girls names or wear skirts then that was quite normal."

"What`s the NHS been up to?  Exactly the same thing. Because here`s NHS Choices heavily promoting NHS gender identity clinics. What`s interesting in this article is if you dig in a little bit deeper up comes our old friend the Tavistock Institute. So we`ve got Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust - they`re running gender identity clinics - but the overall message coming out very strongly here is: Well it`s not really the case that there are men and women. There`s a multitude of different versions, some of them undiscovered as yet. I think this is a massive attack on conventional heterosexual relationships and stable families to bring up children. So this is very dangerous. And I`ll also say that many people, particularly from the gay community, are being drawn in and used as a political weapon."

"On it goes. We`ve got the Metro ... Northamptonshire. Police force ditches traditional hats for `gender-neutral` baseball caps. And what is interesting in this article is we find another embedded video - so this is how strong the propaganda is - and this is an HSBC video where Stuart Barette is leading the HSBC project which is HSBC Pride Network where he is talking about the need to get rid of what they call Mx titles: Ms, Mr or Mrs because that is just not sufficient. We`re going to need ten new gender neutral titles. So I`m not quite sure what the plus is when we talk about LGBT+ but 10 is not enough to cover it. There`s going to be more variations."

"And then of course we get the charities coming in. So this is one particular charity which is pushing the whole agenda. And who is actually funding Educate & Celebrate? - well we come straight back to the government: the Department of Education. And no surprises, good old BBC with Children in Need."

"And I`ll just end on this note, that we`re not the only ones picking up on this. This is an email sent in where a man said `I watched your news yesterday. I find this stuff disturbing but I was also disturbed that it was beginning to be discussed in my work place and he drew our attention to Snopes.`"

"Did Bill Nye Say Gender is Determined `by Your Chromosomes?` And what this is, is apparently supposed to be an accuracy of news check. So it said this statement is false. But what it then got on to is a very complicated dialogue which if you said what`s the overall line?  Well it`s not as simple as just men and just women."

"I am very very confident that this is a political attack on society. It was mentioned in a lot of early work including material which the Soviets warned about."

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