Monday, 12 June 2017

The attack on the poor having children

Why anyone would want to be perched on the gun of a tank as if that makes any sort of pronouncement I do not know.
My father was a soldier and I can assure you [shoo-sh, say no more] we would have been inside the tank looking at the controls, not outside looking like we were being taken for a ride as Ms Davidson obviously has been.] It kind of reminds me of STRONG and STABLE Theresa.  Two horses from the same stable perhaps.

"Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has said the Tories will try to use their influence to `advance LGBTI rights in Northern Ireland`."

"Ms Davidson said she has received assurances from Theresa May that any Conservative deal with the DUP will not affect LGBTI [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex] rights in Britain..."

"Ms Davidson who is gay and plans to marry her Wexford-born partner in the near future was asked by Channel 4 News if she would also describe the DUP as her friends."

"`Well look, I have friends in politics across many parties,` she said in response..."


Ruth Davidson has been branded a `fake feminist` in a scathing attack by a leading Nationalist MP.


RUTH Davidson has been branded a "fake feminist" in a scathing attack by a leading Nationalist MP.

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh has claimed the Tory leader’s support for the so-called "rape clause" a highly controversial exemption to changes to child tax credit means she "cannot claim to be a feminist".

Miss Davidson has previously refused to condemn the policy, which limits tax credits to just two children unless a mother declares a child was conceived as a result of rape, instead arguing the Scottish Government could reverse the policy if it wished.

But Miss Ahmed-Sheikh, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, tore into Miss Davidson, claiming she was the "only woman outside of the tent" on the controversial policy, which has won cross-party condemnation.

Disgusting both.

 While they play their political games Maggie Mellon has already spoken out against the attack on the third child which both failed to mention.
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