Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Mr Swinney is bringing consistency, clarity and coherence to the unpopular Named Person scheme

"Public bodies operating the `named person` scheme will only be able to share information about youngsters if is likely to `promote, support or safeguard the wellbeing` of the child."

"They will also be required to consider whether sharing the information would be compatible with existing data protection, human rights and confidentiality laws."

"Crucially too parents will not be forced to accept advice from a named person, and can reject this without being viewed with suspicion."

"It follows a damning Supreme Court ruling that parts of the original plan breached parents' human rights*."

"SNP ministers want to introduce a named person for every child under 18, with health visitors assuming the role for pre-school children, and teachers and councils for older youngsters."

"Originally, this would have enabled information about children to be shared across agencies without the knowledge of parents."

"Mr Swinney said the changes would bring `consistency, clarity and coherence` to the twice delayed scheme..."

*It is not just parents whose human rights were breached. Children also have a right to a private and family life.

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