Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tim Smart finds no evidence of negligence

Katrina Percy

"It's three years ago today that a young man drowned in a bath at a care home in Oxford, prompting one of the UK's biggest ever inquiries into the treatment of vulnerable patients."

"Connor Sparrowhawk's death was a personal tragedy, but also a wake up call about failures in the care system..."

"Southern Health have declined numerous requests for interview. In a statement last week, the Trust's Interim Chairman Tim Smart said:"

"I am satisfied that whilst the Board should have acted in a more united way, I have found no evidence of negligence or incompetence of any individual Board member..."

"I can confirm that Katrina Percy will continue in this role ( as Chief Executive). However, until now she has been too operationally focused in her role."

Alicia Wood, Co-Founder of Learning Disability England said:
"I am appalled that Katrina Percy has kept her job despite continual and evidenced failings over a sustained period. The lack of care for people with learning disability and mental ill health due to poor leadership has been established and those in leadership positions within the trust should have resigned a long time ago out of respect to those who have died, suffered and been neglected by the trust.

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