Thursday, 14 July 2016

The new Education Secretary: Justine Greening

"Justine Greening On Putting Women's Rights At The Heart Of The UN's Global Goals," whatever that means.

How about children`s rights?

Reblogged from Pride`s Purge:

"Just months after the successful 2012 Olympics, Justine Greening the new Education Secretary backed the sell-off of six tennis courts, a football pitch and a playground belonging [to] a local school in her Putney constituency, of which she was a governor:"

Justine Greening in school playing fields row

"Just months after the sale, the school was handed over to a private Academy Chain ARK."

"The chairman of ARK at the time happened to be a multi-millionaire investment banker called Stanley Fink."

"Fink also happens to be a Tory peer who has served as co-Treasurer of the Conservative Party."

"The sold-off school fields were subsequently bought by a private developer."

This is the woman now in charge of all our children’s schools.


See more discussion about privatisation, academies and ARK at link below: 

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