Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Privatisation post-Brexit

Ian R Crane had a post-Brexit discussion on Humanity versus Insanity with Brian Gerrish and Mel Kelly. He asked Mel which of the Tory party candidates for prime minister would Nicola Sturgeon want to get into bed with.

"Oh I think she`s got a lot in common with Theresa May because currently they`re both trying to block the child abuse by the state inquiries."

"And they`re both childless," says Ian Crane

"But she`s also got a lot in common with Michael Gove because Nicola`s using the referendum.  So last week she said to everybody ...`listen to me` and whilst she was distracting everybody with EU talk, of course, John Swinney the finance man ... announces very sneakily `I`m going to take all schools out of council control` - for David Cameron - because devolution stops him doing it himself. ... Now Michael Gove has stolen billions of state assets off the people of England because the Academies Bill states that within three weeks of Gove saying that a school is to be an academy the council must hand over the title deeds for the school and if possible the land. [That changed and councils will now be forced to hand over the land title deeds as well].  So Michael Gove`s department gets billions worth of title deeds, the councils have held safely for decades."

"And didn`t he also bill the councils for the transfer fees of those title deeds?" asks Ian.

"Well, it was the taxpayers. For every school that becomes an academy, Michael Gove is forcing taxpayers to pay £25,000 grant to the academy company, the likes of which have the Tory party treasurer on the board, and Lord and Lady Harris. And for every school, taxpayers have got to pay £25,000 to cover the legal fees to transfer the ownership of the school to the academy company - totally free - so that they can get the title deeds. And they`re setting up the same scam in Southern Cross. So what`s happening in England... they`ve got the Tory party treasurer in charge of a load of schools. He`s sending excess funds - ex education funds - to a Cayman island fund via stockbrokers he`s on the board of. Now what they`re going to do with all these title deeds is like they sell the leases back to their friends and ... rent the schools back. .. So education funds are used for leasing schools back that we owned and of course that money will go to the Cayman islands too. So like the Southern Cross nursing homes, the English will find they don`t own any schools any more. They`re paying rent for schools - a fortune - instead of that money actually being used."

"Now I wrote to Michael Gove and said where`s the title deeds for the schools? And he went `that`s too wide`. I said OK. Where`s the title deeds for ARK schools? That`s the ones the Tory party treasurer controls. ARK Global no less. And he refused to answer for three months. So I involved the Information Commissioner who gave Gove`s department ten days to answer. The answer came: `we have no record, electronic or otherwise, of where any of the title deeds are. Ask ARK schools,` i.e. the Tory party treasurer."

"Mel that`s a fascinating piece of information," says Brian Gerrish, "and what`s coming back into my mind - ARK, correct me if I`m wrong here - Absolute Return for Kids - is that the right title?"

"So Absolute Return for Kids had a project, probably about four years ago, called Project Caressing. And that was to help children understand the loving touch of an adult. And I`ve never forgot looking at that little project because I thought there was something deeply sinister there. But of course the other thing we should remember about the academies ... is that after the first twelve months I think it is ...the company running the schools is allowed to set the complete curriculum. So you wave bye bye to any thought that through the democratic process the government is setting the curriculum. ,..That is all going to be put straight into the hands of the company running it. So what do you think they`ll be teaching our children?"

"Well they`ll be dumbing down the kids even further, of course, and ... obviously conditioning and programming them with..."

"Transgender or whatever they want to bring in."


It might be a good idea to turn the volume down for this.

Scotland does not need the Teens and Toddlers programme because it has got Getting it Right for Every Child.

See also: Taking children`s services out of local authority care

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