Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Australian judge thinks incest and paedophilia may no longer be taboo

"An Australian judge has incurred the wrath of child protection and gay rights advocates after stating that incest and paedophilia may no longer be considered taboo just as gay relationships are now more accepted than they were in the 1950s and 60s."

"District Court Judge Garry Neilson was recorded as saying that sexual contact between adults and children or siblings may no longer be regarded by society as `unnatural` or `taboo`..."

"Neilson said that the primary reason for incest still being a crime is the high risk of genetic abnormalities in any children born as a result of the relationships."

"`But even that falls away to an extent [because] there is such ease of contraception and ready access to abortion,` he said."

"He made the comments in April, in the case of a 58-year-old man charged with repeatedly raping his younger sister in 1981 in west Sydney."

"The man pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting her when she was 10 or 11 years old in 1973 or 1974, but pleaded not guilty to the 1981 charges when she was 18 and he was 26."

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