Thursday, 7 July 2016

Corbyn apologises for Iraq war

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  1. From the Canary:

    Evidence released as part of the Chilcot Inquiry has revealed that the government deliberately manipulated the news agenda in order to take the country to war in Iraq, and the mainstream media were happy to lap up its lies.

    A letter, sent more than a year before war was declared, sets out the government’s media strategy and objectives for ensuring public support for the conflict. Penned by John Williams, the head of news for the Foreign Office, the document was sent to, amongst others, Alastair Campbell at No 10, all ministers and some diplomats.


    The process of preparing media and public opinion for possible action on Iraq is under way. I attach a media strategy prepared by Mark Matthews - agreed with Middle East Command and No 10 Press Office - designed to coordinate and pace our efforts for maximum impact.

    The Prime Minister`s interviews in Australia and the Foreign Secretary`s piece in The Times have established a solid base from which to work. The media has taken the point and is eager for detail. There is high interest in evidence being compiled for the dossier which the UK will share with the US.

    We should exploit this interest by feeding newspapers and broadcasters with information on WMD diversion of imports for ....
    The strategy starts with a very telling sentence:
    The process of preparing media and public opinion for possible action in Iraq is under way.