Sunday, 3 July 2016

Search a Child, Pay Cash: The Adoption Lobby

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  1. "Ms Roelie Post is a commission official seconded to the highly respected ‘Against Child Trafficking’ NGO who for many years worked in the Romanian children’s case including in the childcare reforms. She wrote a book of her experiences named “Romania for Export Only’ which is the untold story of Romania’s orphans and describes within how the huge inter country adoption lobby fought to stop the reforms at every turn, so that they could continue to trade defenseless children for huge sums of hard cash to foreign couples and how the EU also demanded that Romania become the same as the other EU countries and take care of its own children.
    Now the lobby has infiltrated the EU and if they gain hold there will be more children lost without trace in child trafficking masked as Inter Country Adoptions."

    From Arun Dohle of Foundation Against Child Trafficking (ACT)

    "Dear Members of the European Commission,"

    "I am writing to you all as a matter of last resort.
    Simon Mordue, as Member of Cabinet of VP Verheugen, and the former Secretary General of the European Commission, Catherine Day, arranged in 2007/2009 that Mrs. Roelie Post should “in the interest of the service” be seconded to an NGO which she had to set up herself (respective documents, correspondence etc. can be provided on request). I work for this NGO – Foundation Against Child Trafficking (ACT) since then."

    "Since two years I have been trying to get an appointment with Simon Mordue, director at DG NEAR, to discuss this secondment, as well as children’s rights."

    "The refusal of Mr. Mordue to meet with me, or communicate in any manner, is non-acceptable, but exemplary for how the Commission treated and treats one of its staff members."

    "When Mrs. Post received the attached allegedly private email, she was working for ACT, seconded by the Commission in the interest of the service, and thus naturally shared this email with me, her colleague. Content wise the email is certainly not private, but clearly work related."

    "The message given by Mr. Mordue “Message of boss [VP Verheugen] to you is keep fighting.”, is one of the many messages we received and which kept us indeed fighting rather successfully against a “European Adoption Policy” (now re-emerging under the name `cross border adoptions`."

    "Apart from being of motivational character, this message is an acknowledgement of something going seriously wrong inside the EU Commission."

    "The message was about a press article which detailed corruption in the Commission related to pressure to reopen adoptions from Romania. This pressure is till today ongoing."

    "Today the EU Commission doesn´t even acknowledge that there was and is an issue. Her secondment ended in August 2014 and her reintegration into DG NEAR went fully wrong. Side-lined, mobbed. Forcing the whistleblower Mrs Roelie Post into invalidity on psychiatric grounds (paranoia) just like in 2007, under threat of 100 percent cutting of her salary."

    "I herewith kindly request you to find a solution for Mrs. Post, so that she can get out of the service after 33 years, without literally landing up under the bridge, or worse…"

    "One possible solution is that you grant her leave in the interest of the service under Art. 42c of the staff regulations.
    It is crystal clear by now, that the EU Commission did not want her back inside."

    "Kindly acknowledge receipt of my email individually, and inform me timely about the actions taken..."