Monday, 4 July 2016

Open source investigation about Docherty family

Reported in Friday`s UK Column News:

Martina Anderson meets Nicola Sturgeon.

Martina Anderson was convicted for life for her role in the IRA Brighton bombing but was released under the Early Release programme in Ulster after serving fifteen years.

"She was photographed having a one to one chat with Nicola Sturgeon, said David Scott. "So this was an attempt to assassinate a head of state - clearly anti-democratic in the most grievous way - but Nicola Sturgeon seems to have no problem ... interacting with her."

[It should be noted that the article: Fury over IRA bomber`s Holyrood visit is dated May 2006 and that Martina Anderson is now a Member of the European Parliament. It was on Nicola Sturgeon`s recent visit to Brussels that the two met.]

However, I think the question David Scott is raising is: if Nicola Sturgeon can interact so easily with a convicted IRA terrorist how is it she has failed so far to assist the Docherty family?

Brian and Janice Docherty

"Enda Kenny and Nicola Sturgeon are the two leaders in a position to do something about the Docherty case," said David Scott. "The Dochertys were in Kenny`s constituency in the Republic of Ireland. Nicola, as head of state of Scotland, has been appealed to by the Dochertys for assistance...Nicola chaired the British Irish Council only a few weeks ago with Enda Kenny sitting there right beside her, but these people are not helping a family in distress."

Brian Gerrish continued: "People are horrified listening to the testimony of this couple who say `all we did is report a man who tried to buy access to my son`. They have been viciously hounded, not only by the Scottish state, but by the Irish state as well - Southern Ireland - and, of course, Westminster is in there with Theresa May as well."

David Scott then explained that they were starting an Open Source investigation.  "What else can we do but get the public to investigate the horrors that have happened to this couple?"

"We`ve now got all ten episodes of the initial interview on the UK Column website: names, times, places, events. There`s a vast amount of information. What we need to do is to start asking questions and to explore what has actually happened here. We need people to work together and that is why we want to run an open source investigation. Brian and Janice Docherty themselves have been asking questions morning, noon and night and they`re not getting anywhere and we need more support... than any organisation such as the UK Column can provide. People who listen to the tapes might ask: well, why did that government department act that way?  Please start asking questions. Send the questions in to the email address [on the UK Column website]. Send the answers in to the same email address. We`ll collate what comes in and we`ll broadcast it on the news."

By way of illustration, David Scott informed viewers that the name of the man who had approached Brian Docherty about his son was called Alan Low. It was discovered that, coincidentally, there had been a local police officer of the same name who had served in the same Police Station where Brian Docherty had gone to report the incident.

David Scott generated a few straightforward questions about this and emailed them to Police Scotland whereupon he received a very terse response: "I have tried to call you but there is no substance to the claims below." 

"That struck me as a strange response,"  said David Scott, "as I hadn`t made any claim. I had simply asked: was the person reported by Brian Docherty the same person as the police officer?... So I`ve gone back and said this response is unintelligible because that is what it is. It doesn`t answer the question. I can`t make head nor tail of it."

"Now I received a phone call from Police Scotland that it`s definitely not a police officer... They then went on to say that they knew nothing about the person who was reported - but they could tell me categorically that he wasn`t a police officer?  At that point they hung up the phone. They didn`t want to talk about it at all. I went back and asked them: is it possible that it was a former police officer? And could you please put your response in writing. So far, I`ve not had a response." [1 July 2016]

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