Saturday, 16 July 2016

Inquiry awaits new chair and panel member

"The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry has cost £1.8 million since launching last year, latest figures reveal."
"At present the inquiry awaits the appointment of a new chair and panel member. The inquiry into the historical abuse of children in care is expected to last four years."

"Independent expert Professor Michael Lamb, a professor of psychology at Cambridge University, resigned from his position claiming the inquiry is `doomed` due to Scottish Government interference."

"And Susan O’Brien QC quit as chair earlier this month, saying the government had "sought to micro-manage and control the inquiry," and had threatened to sack her when she resisted."

"A statement posted on the inquiry website along with the lastest figures said: `Scottish Ministers are in the process of appointing a new chair and panel member for the Inquiry. Meanwhile, the important work of the inquiry continues as it seeks to fulfil the requirements outlined in its terms of reference`."

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The same Scottish Government who are botching the child abuse inquiry believe they can take care of the wellbeing of all children.

It doesn`t get more delusional.


  1. The Scottish CSA Inquiry has not been botched. It has been killed by death by a thousand cuts of interfering by the obsessive control freaks?

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then the chances are that it is a duck?

    Can I suggest that that the remaining CSA Inquiry Panel Member has zero credibility for not walking and that the Scottish Government's preferred replacements are a 'wooden' panel member and a wooden chair. At least they will not answer-back when spoken to and will not object to the Scottish Government taking overt control?

    To Hell with the Scottish Public, we can do what we want? (and get away with it)

  2. Thanks.

    I have also wondered about the panel member who did not walk, and how that panel member is supposed to be accepted as impartial in any reconfiguration of the panel.

    As you say: `If it walks like a duck....`