Friday, 29 July 2016

Support line can advise parents worried about extremism

ChildLine counsellors have now become experts in extremism ! If they succeed with this as well as they have with child abuse in the care system, nobody`s safe.


"The NSPCC said its existing support line could now advise parents worried about extremists grooming a child."

"It said counsellors had been trained to spot warning signs such as children isolating themselves or `talking as if from a scripted speech`.

"Recent terror attacks `highlighted the growing problem of individuals being influenced by extremism`, it added."

"The charity said it had already started getting calls to its free 24-hour helpline from people worried about the problem..."

"Signs which may `hint at a child being radicalised` include children:"
"Isolating themselves from family and friends
Talking as if from a scripted speech
Showing increased levels of anger
Becoming disrespectful and asking inappropriate questions."


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