Sunday, 24 July 2016

Governor, Southern Health NHS Trust, under investigation

Peter Bell, Jade Taylor and Richard West

17 May 2016 Daily Echo

"Rebel governors who have a say on how Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust is run have broken ranks from the leadership by resurrecting a crunch meeting to demand improvements at the organisation... "

"And in a remarkable twist they raised the money needed to hire the hall through online crowdfunding..."

"Just one governor, Peter Bell, had arrived at the splinter meeting by the start time of 11.45am, with three more following. Mr Bell is proposing a vote of no confidence in the leadership."

"As previously reported, the trust announced it was postponing the extraordinary council of governors meeting after organisers say the decisions made would not be legal."

"The trust’s new chair Tim Smart had also come under fire as he was due to exclude the press and the public for part of that meeting."

"Southern Health has been condemned after failing to protect patients and investigate the deaths of hundreds of people in its care."

Then this: Mydaftlife July 2016

"Got home to find out one of the rebel governors, Peter Bell, is under formal investigation by Sloven. Yep. Sloven are formally investigating the actions of a (rare) governor."

"Sloven who:
initially said LB died of natural causes and all due process was followed.
tried to stop the publication of the first Verita investigation which found LB’s death was preventable.
spent nearly £300,000 on legal expenses at LB’s inquest to try to avoid accountability.
spent nearly £50,000 to try to sink the Mazars review into their death reporting.
have been found to be failing by numerous coroners over the past five years
etc, etc, etc…"

"Blimey. A formal investigation…"

" `Seriously derogatory remarks’…. Not sure where, in the guvs’ code of practice, it states ‘thou shalt not say owt negative against the hallowed trust’..."

"LB died. He died. Without any accountability. But the investigation into the actions of a governor is racing on. Interviews, evidence collecting and all. By an organisation who failed to investigate 100s of unexpected deaths in their care. I almost think I’ll wake up in a mo. Surely this can’t be happening in full view of NHS Improvement, NHS England, the CQC and Jeremy Hunt?..."

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