Thursday, 19 January 2017

Write to Chris Leslie MP on behalf of Melanie

Says UK Column: "This is Chris Leslie the MP who Melanie Shaw worked for, many years ago. And he came to see her at one of the points she was out of prison. He was there shaking her hand.  He was showing sympathy and concern.  But this man has NOT done anything since Melanie has actually been in prison."

"Now we asked for people to take some action on this, and a lady has sent this fantastic letter... "

Dear Mr Leslie,

Melanie Shaw

Please find enclosed a letter for you to deliver to Melanie, the next time you visit her. I am sure you will be doing this, as you must be very anxious, given her past work on your behalf, to hear from her own mouth how she is being treated at Foston Hall.

In the light of the fact that your constituent is being denied the rights guaranteed to all English subjects under Magna Carta, you will no doubt have noted with interest the recent judgement of the Supreme Court in favour of Abdel Hakim Belhaj ,  on whose behalf those guarantees were specifically upheld. I have written to Lord Mance to congratulate him and his fellow judges on their wise decision, and pointed out that other British subjects - Melanie among them - are, at the time of writing, less fortunate than Mr Belhaj. A copy of this letter is enclosed.

What are you doing to ensure that Melanie does not continue to suffer torture at the hands of UK government agencies ?

I look forward to your prompt reply.


"I`ve got to say what a fantastic letter and we need to ask here how many other people ... have taken this sort of action to support Melanie?"

"We are asked time after time again what can people do to make a difference to help this lady and indeed other people and we say you need to take action..."

"Get those letters in to Chris Leslie. Don`t allow him to fob you off: on the telephone, emails, letters, personal visits, to ask as politely as possible what this gentleman is doing to help his constituent."


Brian Gerrish also reminds viewers that by writing letters in support of Melanie they will be raising the importance of Magna Carta and Common Law. These are two laws, he believes,  need to be reinstated in order to deal with MPs who are clearly out of control.

See `Jack Straw and UK government must face kidnap and torture claims, court rules.`

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