Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The modified Children and Social Work Bill

"The Children and Social Work Bill began in the House of Lords back in May 2016. Among the many controversial elements was the proposal to introduce power to test different ways of working’ by allowing or directing a replacement Trust in the case of failing councils local authorities to opt out of children’s social care legislation. A petition against this attracted over 107,000 signatories and the House of Lords voted to take the clause out of the Bill...."

"However, when the Bill reached the House of Commons the Government said it would bring back a modified version, differing from the original in the following ways:"
Power can’t be used for children in need, child protection, or voluntary accommodation of children

Services will not be privatised

Local authorities can CHOOSE whether to use the power and will not have it imposed

Greater consultation before applying for power

Statutory Guidance on the use of the power

Annual report on how the power is being used
"The Minister will hope to reassure members of the Public Bill Committee of these safeguards on January 10th 2017. The Government has a majority on the Committee, so I would expect that Conservative members would not vote against but would press for further changes if there were sufficient public outcry."

"You can send your views to the Public Bill Committee but be aware that once you have done this you can’t publish it elsewhere until it is made public by the Committee."

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