Monday, 9 January 2017

Never mind fake news, think about fake reformers

"Head teachers must be given the power to sack poorly performing staff if the standard of the Scotland’s troubled education system is to improve, John Swinney has been warned."

"The Commission on School Reform, set up by think tank Reform Scotland, told a Scottish Government consultation it was `imperative` that heads have the final say in the hiring and firing of teachers and how to spend staffing budgets.


"Reform Scotland is a think tank which aims to inform and influence policy debate through robust research, the publication of reports and briefings and by arranging lectures and seminars. It is a charity, independent of any political party, and is funded by donations from individuals, charitable trusts and corporate organisations."  Or so it presents itself.


OK, Reform Scotland is lobbying government and says, such and such, so Scotland should jump to it, and the message is: who needs democracy or what other people think.  Is that it?

Or we could ask who is Reform Scotland ?
Well, it is an extreme right organisation.
How do I know? Because elsewhere on their website they say:
Reform Scotland... is a public policy institute which works to promote increased economic prosperity [for them] and more effective public services based on the principles of limited government, diversity and personal responsibility.
I`d like to know where principles reside in austerity.
Never mind that is neoliberalism to the nth degree.

It gets worse.

Reform Scotland is chaired by Keir Bloomer,

Mr Bloomer, was one of the architects of the Curriculum for Excellence that is now failing Scottish Education. [Well done you] Yet the organisation he chairs is providing more advice about how to deal with the privatisation [collapse] of  Scottish education.

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