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UK Column: persistent campaigners against child abuse

UK Column 23 January 2017: About 7 minutes.

"Why is it good to be a persistent campaigner? Well this was sent to us, a little clipping from the Scottish Express. Government must act on child abuse and we`re very pleased to say that Scott Pattison who`s been a very long time, very dedicated campaigner on the subject of child abuse is there in this article and effectively driving the article. So he says: `We have reached unprecedented levels of child abuse and I have found in my research that we are dealing with well-organised groups of people who embed themselves within structures to present them with the opportunity to act` ..."

"And that is a very key point he`s making, that these people are embedded in the very systems which are claiming to be there to help children: social services, child services and indeed the child protection charities. And Scott Pattison has now got out in the mainstream press in Scotland of course, the risks of paedophiles embedded in these organisations."

UK Column 24 January 2017 About 45 minutes

Melanie Shaw

Brian Gerrish makes no apology for not dropping the issue of Melanie Shaw. "We are still loyal to all the others who have been affected by child abuse. However, there are some things happening around the Melanie Shaw case which are just outrageous."

"And I want to remind people of course that Melanie Shaw is still in prison, still in solitary confinement. Why is she there? Because of the actions of our present prime minister, Theresa May. In her post of Home Secretary she was the woman who made the decisions with the Crown Prosecution Service. She is the person that put Melanie Shaw in prison."

"Now somebody`s been doing some very good research."
4.1.2. Segregation
" Prisoners who are at risk of suicide or self-harm must not be routinely held in the segregation unit under Rule 45 GOOD (YOI Rule 49) unless, exceptionally, they are such a risk to themselves or others that no other suitable location is appropriate. Such prisoners must only be placed in a segregation unit in exceptional circumstances, or where all other options have been tried, but considered inappropriate and only where it is possible to provide the degree of continual care identified as necessary in the prisoners` care plan. A case review must be held as soon as possible to take account of events leading up to the decision to segregate. If the decision is taken to locate prisoners at risk of self harm within the segregation unit, this must be for as short a period of time as possible, and the temporary nature of this must be reflected in the care plan..."
"There`s a whole lot of rules and regulations about the care needed for very vulnerable prisoners. Melanie falls into that. She`s had a lifetime of medication in order to cope with the post traumatic stress. That medication has been denied when she was in HM prison Peterborough and denied in HM prison Foston Hall and she has been left in solitary confinement with no day to day relationship with other prisoners."

"Here`s another order: 4800, and again you can freeze the screen to have a look at this one. We can expand a bit of it for you. What does it say? Well first of all, it`s saying that research shows that over a half of self harm incidents in prison nationally are carried out by women, yet women account for only six percent of the prison population; and then, going on to Gender Specific Guidance."
"All staff and volunteers working with women prisoners should receive training to understand why women may self-harm and how best to respond. They should be supported by professional welfare services, as they deal with this often upsetting and very difficult area of their work."
"Women who self-harm should be offered interventions that are responsive to their individual needs and that form part of a realistic, multi-disciplinary care plan. Interventions should include advice on harm-minimisation. They should include in-cell activities and regular access to education and therapeutic activities. Specific interventions which may reduce self-harm, should be provided..."
"Wherever possible women should be out of their rooms/cells. Where they have to be locked up they must have access to activities that can help to distract them from their problems..."

"Basically the last thing you do with prisoners is lock them up in solitary confinement. So the prison is aware of this. The prison inspection organisation is aware of this. The Crown Prosecution Service is aware of it. Theresa May is aware of it. This is the deliberate torture of Melanie Shaw. Why? Because of her knowledge of child abuse and murder at Beechwood children`s home in Nottingham and other homes and the other most important thing is the connection of senior members of the British parliament."

"Now you would have thought that this gentleman would be - what`s the word? - sympathetic, I think. We remember Mr Danczuk MP because at one stage he was speaking out very strongly about child abuse and particularly the abuse of children within the framework of Westminster and the British establishment. It all went a bit wobbly. He was then highly attacked by the press. But many people had a great deal of time for this gentleman because of his courage... in speaking out for the victims of child abuse."

"Now I`ve added the word `yuk` to the title ... That`s not actually a typo. But there`s something very unpleasant going on here. And what is it? Well let`s have a look. Because Melanie wrote to this man while she was in prison and he responded. Now before we show you, because it`s probably difficult to read that letter on screen, I`m just going to read a bit of what Melanie has been saying to us. She says:"

"`Thank you for your letter and for your kind words of support... and the viewers. I feel totally alone but the support and cards from viewers keeps me strong`. She says; `Court was hell. I was led to believe I was going to be freed as I was time served` - but she`s now banged up again - `I got two years. I daren`t speak in prison again`. And this is one of the things she`s saying. If she speaks out to defend herself or talk about why she`s there then they come down on her like a ton of bricks. She says: `I`ve been left destitute for my opinions, lost my home and have no contact with my son.` And this one I found particularly vile. She said the judge called her a narcissist. So this woman who`s had the bravery to speak out as an abuse victim herself to highlight what`s going on - even the judge attacks her and of course Melanie not even brought into court to defend herself. She has to try and defend herself via a Skype link that was being manipulated either by the court or the prison so that she was cut off and this has happened on more than one occasion."

"So we`re going to make as much as we can of this communication public. I have Melanie`s approval to do that. Now let`s have a look at what Mr Danczuk...had to say."

"So this is the background:  Child abuse survivor and whistleblower Melanie Shaw threatened, bullied, 9 months in solitary, denied medication, stripped, humiliated, denied visits, letters, stamps, denied interaction with other prisoners, denied a proper trial, Home taken, possessions put in storage prior to disposal, denied contact with her son ..."

And Simon Danczuk MP says ...
"I hope you had as good a festive season as you can have in the circumstances... I also hope your son is well and that you will soon get to see him..."

"I find this letter obscene Mike. I really can`t think of another word. We have an MP who`s fully aware of what is going on in the wider abuse circles around Westminster and the establishment and this woman has suffered this and he says: `Well basically you might have been in solitary, been beaten up in prison, but I hope you had a good Christmas.` Are our politicians on drugs? What are we seeing here? This is some sort of cognitive breakdown of our MPs Mike."

"Yeah, particularly an MP that in the past has had close links with abuse and close links with abuse victims. He pretends."

"He pretends? Right. And of course earlier in the news today we showed an image of Kenneth Clerk. He`s very big on the world stage speaking out for the Bilderbergers, speaking out for Britain, speaking out for justice. We haven`t yet seen Kenneth Clerk come forward to help tackle this issue of child abuse which is clearly reported,  not just in Beechwood children`s home in Nottingham, but I think it was eight other homes listed by Nottinghamshire police as also being sources of child abuse."

"Of course he is a Nottingham MP."

"One would have thought that Kenneth Clerk would have been one of the first to step forward. `Let`s see what`s really going on here. Let`s ask the questions and let`s start dealing with the child abuse.` But we come back to Theresa May. Melanie Shaw could only have arrived in prison - it had to take place with the full knowledge and connivance of our prime minister ... Theresa May said publicly she abhorred child abuse. This woman is a despicable hypocrite and of course if we`ve got some overseas viewers and you`re thinking of dealing with Britain in the near future: can you trust the prime minister who is prepared to imprison a child abuse victim and whistleblower? And I think the answer to that has got to be `No`. "


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