Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Women must provide evidence of rape for tax credits

"Women whose third child is born following a sexual assault will be forced to provide evidence of the rape or face losing tax credits, under controversial plans quietly rolled out by the Government on the day  Donald Trump was inaugurated."

"The reforms, first announced by George Osborne, mean women will have to prove they became pregnant after suffering non-consensual sex if they want to receive tax credits for a third or subsequent child."

"MPs and women’s rights groups have reacted angrily to the plan, saying the so-called rape clause shows the Government has `a lack of understanding about sexual and domestic abuse`."

"In the summer Budget of 2015, the then Chancellor announced that families with more than two children would no longer be able to claim child tax credit on third and subsequent children. Those changes come into force in April."

"The Government said some women should be exempt from the proposals, including those who have suffered rape, and ran a consultation on the measures."

"Responding to the findings, the Government said on Friday it was pressing ahead with the most controversial element of the plan the requirement that women report their ordeal to a third party, such as a GP or social worker, before their tax credit claim is processed."

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