Friday, 20 January 2017

Worrying trends in the NHS and the police force

UK Column begin Friday`s news with: Highland woman told she will have to wait a year - just to get on a hospital waiting list.

"She needs a cataract operation, a fifteen minute procedure, but she has been told that she has to wait a year... just to get on the waiting list, and that means when she starts waiting for the actual operation... Is this normal procedure these days in Scotland, that you have to wait to wait?" Mike Robinson asks David Scott.

"Obviously we monitor time spent on the waiting list and have to report that politically and therefore there`s a waiting list for the waiting list so we can keep some people off the waiting list to make the figures look better... It is becoming more prevalent... there were questions asked in First Minister`s questions on Thursday where a woman was having to travel three thousand miles to get treatment in Europe because she could not receive treatment in Scotland and the NHS in Scotland is often trumpeted as a great success for administration... There is clearly a rationing by delay going on..."

Brian Gerrish asks: "Do people north of the border recognise there`s a problem with the NHS because our illustrious prime minister Theresa May says there isn`t a problem and Mr Jeremy Hunt also says there isn`t a problem ?"

"There`s some recognition but it`s being used as a political football... It`s not a very enlightening debate."

Gerrish then goes on to tell viewers that he made contact with the National Health Service Party, the party which is setting itself up specifically to fight the case for the NHS and says: "I`ve got to say out of a twenty minute conversation with a lady, she gave me a lot of detail about their thoughts about what is going on... We`ve been almost swamped by stuff coming in about the NHS. And yes, we think the right way to deal with this is an appropriate conference to expose what`s going on..."

The topic then turns to the police and an article in the Mail complete with a video. Police are caught on camera tasering the founder of THEIR own race relations group in the face after mistaking him for a wanted man. Gerrish says: "You need to go and watch this. As this man tries to go into the gateway of his own house it ... turns physical - I would say - largely as a result of the actions of the police` [who have escalated the situation.] The man is tasered and fell and he hit the back of his head very hard."

"Yes there was no warning that she was going to taser him..." Mike Robinson adds. "The thing that struck me about the article, Brian, was looking at the comments. Probably 70 percent of the comments underneath the article said: `Well if the man had just given them his name there would have been no problem`. This demonstrates a complete lack of the constitutional position in this country. There is a presumption of innocence in any common law jurisdiction and that includes no obligation to identify yourself to anyone including the police. The police have to demonstrate that there is the possibility that there is a crime, either in progress or that has taken place. This man wasn`t being arrested for anything... The duty, constitutionally, is to uphold his constitutional position which is his right to remain silent."

Gerrish asks the question: "Who has been training the police because we`ve seen a massive change in the way the police deal with the general public...? The head woman of the College of Policing is a psychiatrist. Why should that be? We`re seeing the use of NLP... I think we need to be looking at police training and also police recruitment." 

He believes the police are using psychometric tests to select low empathy people to become police officers. Addressing the idea of arming the police: "In the context of the tasering report, that has got to be a dangerous situation. ..You desensitise, you reframe your own police force to make them think that the public is an enemy and then you consult that police force on whether they should be armed."

Changing the subject Mike Robinson says: "It`s not just in Britain that we have problems with the police, David. What is happening here? What is the police lion?"

"This is a video that everyone should go and watch. It`s truly horrendous. It`s Finland..."
"In their newest campaign to raise awareness and engage Finnish citizens through social media, Finnish police have launched a YouTube channel providing information and advice. By the Finnish police's own admission, the idea is to reach children and young people in particular by providing relevant information and facilitating communication with police officers as a preventive measure."
"Whereas the first video on `PoliceTube` focused on the problem of hate speech, making it clear that it did not constitute bad manners, but rather a full-fledged crime, its sequel was even more controversial."
"Using the catchy `Police Lion` mascot (which happens to be an allusion to Finland's coat of arms), Finnish children are taught to snitch on their parents for decrying politicians using social media..."
"This is not the first time the Nordic countries have addressed children to promote an `adult` political agenda. Earlier in January, Sweden used Bamse the Bear, one of the country's most popular cartoon characters from a 50-year-old comic series, to teach children about the dangers of `fake news.`"
After explaining the content of the video David Scott  finishes by saying: "The message is clearly that children should report their parents to the authorities and where have we heard that one before?"

"In states where there are no human rights record is the answer. I`ll just add that in Devon - and I know this has happened in other places across the country -  police have been using children in order to work with them to stop motorists for speeding. So when the car`s pulled over it`s a child who approaches the driver... This is very very nasty and dangerous reframing of the children: politicisation of the children  Where does it lead? Well I think I can add to that.  I watched a video on Youtube a little while ago, a haunting video. It was Germans talking about what was going on at the very end of the second world war ... and this particular aspect was a small group of Hitler youth. They were only just 16 arriving in the village and telling the... German villagers what they should do whereupon the elders stopped these boys. Two days later they came back with their adult SS colleagues and hanged three of the men who`d stopped them doing their duty."

"That`s where it ends."

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  1. Mentally-ill patients were `Tasered` more than 50 times in three years.`

    This included a youth under eighteen.