Sunday, 22 January 2017

The north Wales cover-up

From Sally Baker, an interesting and informative blogger, who writes about the deplorable state of mental health services in Wales:

[On 15 December 2016] "the media reported the death of Gordon Anglesea, the former north Wales police officer who was recently imprisoned for his part in the north Wales paedophile ring (please see my blog post ‘Gwynedd Social Services and the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal’ for further background details). This morning, Joy Dyment, Director of north Wales charity Stepping Stones, is reported as saying that Anglesea’s death was ‘the end of a very dark era in north Wales history.’"

"Can the death of one predatory abuser really be the end of this matter? What about the numerous people some in very much more senior and powerful positions than Anglesea who undoubtedly knew what he and others were doing and either facilitated, concealed or ignored it? The way in which Anglesea et al managed to avoid prosecution for so long and even win libel cases suggests that there was some nifty work by a number of influential people. Gwynedd County Council and Gwynedd Social Services were actually told what was going on by Alison Taylor, that’s what led to her being dismissed. "

"It is accepted that the north Wales child abuse ring stretched across Gwynedd and Clwyd, a sizeable geographical region. The numerous people who had been abused came into contact with variously (at least) the social services, the education services, the police, the mental health services and other branches of the NHS, the probation service, Risley Remand Centre and various prisons. It would not have been possible for this to have happened without a lot of people knowing what was going on and they are certainly not all dead, even if Gordon Anglesea is indeed, many of them will still be walking among us in north Wales."

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