Thursday, 12 January 2017

Mum vows to sue council for traumatising son

"Nicola Nash spoke out after council investigation ruled that staff at Hythehill Primary in Lossiemouth showed a `negative approach` towards the vulnerable youngster."

"Nine-year-old Kai has been diagnosed as `neurologically atypical` after being born with brain damage, which means he can be prone to extreme bouts of anxiety."

"But he was shut in a room for more than an hour when he threw a tantrum because a teacher took a book away from him."

"And the upset youngster ran away from Hythehill three times in the space of just three weeks."

"Yesterday, Moray Council apologised to Mrs Nash for the way teachers handled Kai’s problems and vowed to retrain members of staff."

"But she fears her son’s experiences at Hythehill have left him emotionally scarred, and plans to take legal action against the authority for the emotional distress Kai suffered."

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