Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Home Office was aware of child sexual abuse

"Thousands of British children, some as young as five, who were sent abroad to start a new life may have been sexually abused - and then moved as part of a cover up."

"Former Prime Minster Gordon Brown has accused the UK authorities of 'criminal negligence' for ignoring the alleged abuse of children who were relocated under the Child Migrants Programme from the 1920s to the 60s."

"Writing in the Mirror, he claimed new evidence suggests many children fell victim to sexual predators before they left the U.K and that the Home Office was warned they were at further risk abroad."

"Under the Child Migrants Programme, poverty-stricken youngsters were compulsorily deported to Australia, Canada and other parts of the Commonwealth until it was stopped in 1970."

"Most children were wrongly told that their parents had died and that they would enjoy a 'better life', while the parents thought the children had been adopted in Britain."

"Mr Brown apologised for Britain's 'disgraceful' role in sending more than 130,000 children to its former colonies in 2010, but now says his apology was 'incomplete'..."

"One victim claimed they were just five years old when they were repeatedly raped in a children's home in the UK and then, after being sent to Australia as a child migrant, the sexual abuse started again."

"Mr Brown said the new evidence needed to be urgently addressed by Britain's Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse."

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