Friday, 24 July 2015

The NSPCC helpline

From UK Column:

"We decided to call the [Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse] helpline . . . in order to ask a simple question: 'Can you tell us what help the helpline provides?' We were astonished when the gentleman who answered the call said he couldn't speak to us. We would have to talk to the inquiry media team . . . And then we got in touch with the inquiry media officer. To our utter astonishment he told us that media and the helpline was not dealt with by the inquiry team, it was actually being dealt with by none other than the NSPCC. We pointed out that this meant that, of course, the inquiry is not independent in any way. What we have here . . . is yet another scam by the Home Office, and Theresa May."


                                                                         UK Column News 23rd July 2015

Survivors of child sex abuse do not trust the NSPCC believing that it is too close to the Cabinet Office.  Its record is abysmal.
The NSPCC, in a recent Telegraph article, suggested that as many as one million children in the UK could have been the victim of an assault, but most crimes are never reported or investigated. So what is the NSPCC doing for these children, if they exist?  Nothing.
This is the same charity who failed to notice what was going on in Rotherham where 1400 children have been reported to have suffered sexual abuse.
It is the same charity who had Jimmy Savile and Rolph Harris as two of their high profile fundraisers but did not suspect a thing.
From the NSPCC website:
The NSPCC helpline is a place adults can contact to get advice or share their concerns about a child, anonymously if they wish. It's staffed by professional practitioners with backgrounds in jobs like teaching, healthcare and social work, who know how to spot the signs of abuse and what to do to help.

It also runs ChildLine and really should be doing a lot better. 

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