Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Future developments for Newcastle could be blueprint for cities worldwide

"A ground-breaking programme which considered Newcastle's future to 2065 could be a blueprint for cities around the world, according to a report published by Newcastle University in partnership with the Government's Chief Scientist." (17 July 2015)

"The report also points to future developments for Newcastle including: "

⦁ New trade and transport routes to Scandinavian cities and ports.

⦁ New jobs in low carbon technology.

⦁ Biomedical advances in the city's research hospitals linked to the needs of an ageing society in Newcastle.

⦁ Expanding the Tyne and Wear metro and reopening disused rail lines, as part of a fully integrated public transport system with prominent role for cycling and walking.

  ⦁ Making citizens in Newcastle part of the city's forward looking initiatives, trialling new technological developments including smart metering for energy as well as electric vehicles

Smart metering isn`t that smart.

"The children are our future. And that is why, ultimately, we’re screwed unless we do something about it. If you haven’t noticed, the children who are our future are good looking but they aren’t all that bright. As dense as they might be, they will eventually notice that adults have spent all the money, spread disease, and turned the planet into a smoky, filthy ball of death. We’re raising an entire generation of dumb, pissed-off kids who know where the handguns are kept. This is not a good recipe for a happy future. The alternative is for adults to stop running up debts, polluting, and having reckless sex. For this to happen, several billion Individuals would have to become less stupid, selfish, and horny. This is not likely."
(Scott Adams, The Dilbert Future.)

Such is the thinking behind sustainable development.
"Participating in a U.N. advocated planning process would very likely bring out many.. who would actively work to defeat any elected official... undertaking Local Agenda 21/ Sustainable Development. So we call our process something else such as `comprehensive planning`, `growth management` or `smart growth`."
(J. Gary Lawrence, 1998 UNEP Conference U.K.)

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