Saturday, 4 July 2015

The multi-agency protection racket

Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)

 MAPPA are the arrangements put in place to protect the public from offenders at risk of causing serious harm.

The Responsible Authority is the primary agency for MAPPA. This is the police, prison and Probation Trust in each area, working together...

Other bodies have a duty to co-operate with the Responsible Authority in this task. These will need to work with the Responsible Authority on particular aspects of an offender`s life (e.g. education, employment, housing, social care). The UK Border Agency became a DTC (Duty to Co-operate-agency) in 2011.

Melanie Shaw

Although Melanie Shaw has been released from prison it seems her ordeal is not over. Under threat of eviction, not able to access benefits, and still frightened of the police, she arrived at UKColumn`s office and gave an interview with Brian Gerrish. I felt Melanie was too fragile and that it was not in her best interest to share the video at that time.

How a vulnerable person who finds herself on the wrong side of MAPPA is supposed to cope, I do not know. All agencies are in quick communication with each other and any time she puts her head above the parapet her movements are known. Surviving in a world like that without assistance is impossible. I felt she needed to go underground because even though she is a witness to serious child abuse there comes a point when being endlessly victimised serves no purpose.

Then this:

News Flash 4 July 2015 from Brian Gerrish: `Melanie Shaw taken by Devon and Cornwall Police.`

There is no other option now than to bear witness to this horrible abuse - by services meant to protect the public - of a woman who is badly in need of care and protection herself.

See link below for the News Flash:

It is also the case that the net could close round any one of us since public bodies are under a legal obligation to point out anyone who may be vulnerable to radicalisation. Given the broad definition of extremism - someone with anti-British values, for example, whatever that means - there is hardly anyone who could not fall victim to false allegations for having their own opinions.

MAPPA, with its all-encompassing powers, deals with domestic terrorists and is sitting there ready to be called upon.

These are dangerous times.

MAPPA in Scotland is at a more embryonic stage and does not deal with all categories of offender but will be extending its remit. The `responsible authority` is made up of Police Scotland, Social Work Scotland, Scottish Prison Services and NHS Scotland. (Think mental health)


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