Sunday, 26 July 2015

Officials ignored warnings about foster carer

"A SCHOOLBOY raped by his foster dad is to sue council bosses over his ordeal.Kirk Sharpe, now 27, endured years of abuse after he was put in the care of paedophile Vincent Hill."

"He was targeted by the market trader from the age of 10. Hill took Kirk to Rangers games and gave him freebies from his stall to buy his silence. He also plied the boy with cash, drink and drugs, threatened him, and told Kirk he would circulate indecent photos he had taken of him if he told anyone."

"Kirk’s ordeal left him so traumatised he tried to commit suicide. Now married, he claims social work bosses failed to protect him when the pervert applied to be his full-time carer. It’s alleged officials ignored warnings about Hill’s behaviour."

"Kirk, of Bathgate, West Lothian, says Hill groomed him for two years. He recalled: "I had a chaotic childhood and was desperately unhappy when he befriended me. I realise now he’d been looking for a victim and I was a wee boy from a fractured background. "Hill had a market stall at Bathgate on Wednesdays and weekends. He’d get me to help him and gave me £10 a time, which was a huge amount to a child."

"Eventually, he persuaded me I’d have a better life if he was my full-time carer. "I was the one who told social workers I wanted to stay with him. That’s how naive I was and how clever Hill was."

“I remember my mum repeatedly telling the local authority there were suspicions about Hill. But he became my foster parent and social workers never spoke to me on my own."

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