Sunday, 5 July 2015

Co-president of Liberal Youth defends Named Person

Euan Davidson, co-president of Liberal Youth Scotland, is becoming increasingly frustrated over the level of debate in his party about the Named Person for every child policy. He recognises that there is still some confusion over what the Named Person is. It is not a state sponsored guardian whose mission in life is to spy on families and enforce political correctness. That is the view of an assortment of social conservatives !  It is a single point of contact for every young person from the ages of zero to eighteen.

He goes on quite confidently:

"What this legislation does not do is give any professional greater powers to intervene in family life. It neither expands nor decreases the power or duty to intervene on welfare concerns. All that is changing is the structure of child protection within our public services."

Perhaps Euan Davidson is unaware of the massive interference, on welfare concerns, that occurred in the Highlands with the greater powers of the Named Person:
"Before the Scottish Parliament voted on the Bill, the Scottish Express highlighted a staggering number of children under observation in the Highlands. In 2010, Highland Council became the first to introduce the pilot scheme and has since designated 8,000 children (1,116 led by a health visitor, 6,811 led by a Head Teacher) to a "child’s plan". These figures clearly suggest that thousands of families are having their privacy interfered with on a daily basis and highlights how dangerous this piece of legislation is."
As for spying and political correctness, the very simple leaflet provided to parents at the recent Hampden event explains the GIRFEC approach:

From the leaflet:
"Getting it right for every child says people who work with your child will check your child has what they need to have a good life."
"When they do this they will think about your child`s whole environment. ..This means... people who are around your child, where your child lives, what is going on in your child`s life."
So no spying, just checking; and no political correctness, just the Named Person`s view of a good life !

Euan Davidson also needs to take note that teachers are not very happy with the `single point of contact` approach, especially during school holidays and at weekends.
"Previously, it had been assumed that council staff would cover the service during holiday periods and report non-urgent issues to teachers when they returned to work, but the letter from the Scottish Government makes clear that the practicalities are now being reconsidered."

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