Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Clamping down on whistleblowers

"Whistleblowers and people who campaign for a truth that implicates powerful establishment figures in misdeeds, face at best, institutional inertia and at worst, outright criminality to discourage them from doing so."
Cathyfox goes on to outline some of the tactics used by the establishment to clamp down on dissent and lists some well known cases: Melanie Shaw, Robert Green, Chris Spivey, Peter Hofschroer and others. The list just keeps getting longer.


The following was not included:

Ben Fellows is on trial at the moment. Since reporting his alleged abuse by a leading politician, he has become the focus of interest in a criminal trial. Media coverage has been negative about him and people are adopting one side or the other, even before justice is seen to be done - which probably won`t happen anyway, leaving people just as divided.  It is getting to the point that it is difficult to know what to believe because neither the justice system nor the media can be trusted.

Blogs are being targeted too. TAP has reported that `JUSTICE DENIED` has been shut down by Google for `harassment` which means it has been shut down for doing a bit of research and drawing conclusions. TAP has also had blog posts removed by Web Sheriff, mostly about the two Hampstead children. Whenever certain subjects become taboo that does raise some serious questions.


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