Monday, 13 July 2015

Goddard inquiry formally opens

The House of Commons Home Affairs Committee`s 12th report (2014 - 2015) recommended that the scope of the inquiry be "extended to include cases of abuse in Scotland and Northern Ireland, where there is reason to believe that material relevant to the case might be held by the UK Government. This would include cases such as the Kincora Boys’ Home."

"A year and two days after it was announced, the inquiry into child sexual abuse in England and Wales has formally opened..."

"Justice Goddard said the inquiry will require "complete objectivity" and a commitment to being open-minded "without any pre-judgement" of victims."

"It will be the biggest public inquiry ever in England and Wales, she said, adding: "We have the tools we need to get at the truth and we will not hesitate to use them..."

"She said there may have been systematic "under-recording and misrecording" of child sex abuse by the police and other agencies."

"The inquiry was set up by Home Secretary Theresa May following child abuse scandals that rocked various institutions including political parties, government departments in Westminster, the police, churches, schools, children's homes and the military..."

"The first two women appointed to lead the inquiry, Dame Butler-Sloss and Dame Fiona Woolf, both had to step down because of their links to the British establishment which meant survivors could not trust them to be impartial."

"The search for a suitable candidate eventually led to Judge Goddard, who comes from New Zealand. Earlier this year she insisted she had no links whatsoever to the establishment, telling MPs: "We don't have such a thing in my country." 

She has no links whatsoever ?
Lowell Goddard's first husband was Sir John "Johnny" Scott 5th Baron of Beauclerc, Bywell St Andrews, Northumberland. He has worked for the BBC. They had one daughter together which means Goddard`s daughter is connected to the British aristocracy.


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