Sunday, 9 July 2017

Vested interests would like to see child abuse inquiry fail

"The sex abuse inquiry came close to collapse amid now-refuted claims that lead counsel Ben Emmerson QC sexually assaulted a colleague, and that this was covered up. He and other lawyers including Elizabeth Prochaska resigned."
"The head of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has admitted that the sensational alleged sex scandal involving the inquiry’s own top lawyers came close to forcing its collapse an outcome which, she says, would have been welcomed by the powerful institutions which regard it as a menace."
"In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, inquiry chairman Professor Alexis Jay said: ‘Strong vested interests would like to see this inquiry implode."
"‘There are institutions which would prefer to see us fail, because we are such a threat’..."

"Prof Jay said the inquiry will produce clear, practical recommendations in plain English that will make a real difference: ‘They will not be of a somewhat general, unspecific nature: Well, inter-agency communication could be improved, all that stuff, I’m not interested in that’."

"Previous inquiries had also made recommendations but they seem to have made no difference: hence, she said, her inquiry would also look at why such proposals had failed: ‘This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve the maximum impact’."

"Small wonder the inquiry has made enemies. ‘Turning a blind eye takes many, many forms,’ she said. ‘There are some powerful institutions and individuals that don’t know what we know. Like it or not, they’re going to be called to account’."

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