Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Reverend said children make false claims of abuse

"A clergyman who oversaw a children's home where abuse took place in the 1970s and 80s `never once` reported staff to police, he said in a newly-discovered interview."

"The Reverend Nicolas Stacey said children could be `manipulative` and make false claims, in the 2006 tape."

"Mr Stacey was a director of social services in Kent at a time when girls were drugged and abused at Kendall House in Gravesend."

"He died in May 2017 aged 89."

"A review published last year found that girls at the home, which was run by the Church of England, were routinely drugged, locked up, and sexually abused..."

"The Kendall House inquiry found that drugs were administered in doses exceeding usual prescribed adult levels to control girls' behaviour, placing them in a constant stupor..."

"The recording, first made public in 2012, was discovered in British Library archives by a former Kendall House resident and abuse survivor, Teresa Cooper..."

"Ms Cooper added: `There might potentially be hundreds of allegations and victims facing the serious consequences of injustice based on the unfounded judgement of those meant to protect children`."

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