Friday, 21 July 2017

Survivors in Scotland fear a cover up

"When the Scottish Government stated it would set up an inquiry into state child abuse in December 2014 - Nicola Sturgeon then dragged it out - first taking 6 months to appoint a chair of the independent panel - whom 2 religious orders objected to - delaying it further until October 2015."

"The independent panel of three people were finally appointed to lead the inquiry, Professor Michael Lamb, Susan O`Brien QC and Glenn Houston."

"Despite Scottish Government claims this would be one of the most wide reaching inquiries Scotland has ever seen, by 25th November 2015 survivors accused Holyrood of now being complicit in the cover up, after the inquiry remit was restricted to mainly abuse in residential care - blocking many survivors from giving their testimony in one fell swoop."

"The Charity supporting the survivors stating

"This decision resulted in many victims, who had suffered grievous abuse, being excluded from the inquiry. We are of the view that this decision has enabled institutions and organisations, who have covered up criminal activity, to escape public scrutiny, and possible prosecution. The failure to extend the remit of the inquiry has effectively resulted in the Government becoming complicit in a cover-up of abuse."


As if all of that and the loss of three panel members was not bad enough, we have this:

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