Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Report uncovers the Jersey Way

[Chief Minister Ian Gorst. Jersey Child Abuse Report]
 Minister "The report also talks about something referred to as the Jersey Way. That is that it suggests that we haven`t always used proper independent people, an independent oversight - and I think that this report actually is part of the cultural change that`s needed."

Voiceforchildren (VFC) "To critics like me and sceptics like me the Jersey Way - and to a lot of survivors as we`ve heard all through the given evidence - means corruption, collusion, judicial corruption, a cover-up. What does the Jersey Way mean to you?"

Minister "I don`t use that term. ... but what I think it means in the report is that they have suggested that there wasn`t proper oversight, that things were dealt with in an inappropriate way..."


VFC "Now in the report today it said that the former Home Affairs minister Andrew Lewis lied to the States Assembly and he lied to the care inquiry itself. They used those words in their report. So if the care inquiry is to be believed we`ve got a liar in our States. Are you going to be looking to remove him in any way? Can you bring in a vote of no confidence against him? Would you support a vote of no confidence against him?"

Minister "... Deputy Andrew Lewis has issued a statement today."

VFC "Yeah, I`ve seen it."

Minister "I am of the view that he`s elected by the public. What the inquiry has said today needs to be properly investigated by Privileges and Procedures..."

VFC "I asked PPC to look at it and they refused."

Minister "I think that what`s said in this report means that they have no choice but to look at it."


"From the care inqury: `We find that Andrew Lewis lied to the States Assembly about the Metropolitan Police Service report, stating that he had sight of it when he had not. We can readily see why these acts have given rise to public suspicion that all or some of those involved were acting improperly and that they were motivated by a wish to discredit or close down investigations into child abuse`..."

"It simply isn't possible for him to continue as chair of the Public Accounts committee. A vote of no confidence could be brought to remove him, but I don't think that can happen before the in committee debate on the care inquiry report. And it surely isn't appropriate for him to participate in that given the statement made by the inquiry...."


"The details on which he was questioned formed part of an `in camera` or secret debate, in which what was said was not available to the general public. After a debate took place whether or not to release it, it was leaked onto the internet, and can now be read, as the States finally agreed to open up the files to the inquiry."

"The full transcript can be read here:"

Questioning Mr Lewis:

Q: "What I'm asking you now is what you told the States. To tell them `I have read an alarming report from the Metropolitan Police` is misleading, isn't it?"

A. "I don't believe it is misleading because I'm referring back to subsequent debates where members were asked the same question and none of them, apart from those that wanted to believe this, believed it was misleading."

Q. "When you say to the States `I have read an alarming report from the Metropolitan Police,` that can be interpreted only to mean you have seen the report from the Metropolitan Police, can't it?"

A. "For those that wish to surmise that, that's fine."

Q. "What else could it mean?"

A. "Ma'am, I'm tempted to -- "

Q. "Mr Lewis, what else could it mean? "

A. "You can make it mean whatever you wish, ma'am."

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