Sunday, 30 July 2017

Children`s bodies are being altered with injections

"More than 800 children in England some as young as ten are being given controversial drugs to help them change gender."

"The NHS treatment, which halts the onset of adulthood, is aimed at young people who believe they are trapped in the wrong body."

"Powerful monthly hormone injections stop the development of sex organs, breasts and body hair, making it easier for doctors to carry out sex-swap surgery later."

"Until now it was thought that just a handful of children and teenagers were receiving the injections, known as ‘puberty-blockers.’"

"Llyr Jones aged five. Llyr, who was born male, started living as a girl when she was 15 years old..."

"Llyr finally found relief in January last year when she was sent to London’s Tavistock gender identity clinic, which has seen a dramatic increase in referrals from 94 in 2009/10 to almost 2,000 last year."

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