Saturday, 1 July 2017

Charity accepts children were groomed for abuse

"STAFF at a children’s charity have been accused of sexually abusing dozens of young people in their care over the last six decades."

"Barnardo's, one of the UK's largest children's charities, has formally accepted abuse had taken place as disquieting practices previously carried out across the country were starkly outlined."

"Barnardo's said children were groomed for abuse by people connected to their homes and this led to a conviction."

"An unnamed priest, a visiting vicar and other children were among those also accused of abusing children in Barnardo's care."

"Abuse appeared to go unchecked because home superintendents were all-powerful in the eyes of the children who had nowhere to turn or help."

"The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry heard that parents were seen as an `irritant` to Barnardo’s staff once a child was put in care, siblings were split up, and contact with family discouraged."

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