Saturday, 6 May 2017

Life not worth living

Or a slippery slope ?

"There’s an understanding that, when you work in mental health, a lot of your resources will be focused on trying, to the best of your ability, to prevent your patients harming themselves."

"It was therefore with some surprise that I read about a 20 year-old-woman in the Netherlands who had chosen to be euthanized. Having been sexually abused from the age of 5, she was considered to have an ‘untreatable’ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, reportedly co-occurring with anorexia, depression and hallucinations."

"It has since emerged that, while only two mental health patients were euthanized in the Netherlands in 2010, this rose to 56 in 2015. A recent review showed that the overwhelming majority of those with mental health problems who chose to be euthanized were women with long-term conditions, often with some kind of trauma."

"The right to end your life is a complex topic and perhaps one which it is very difficult to have a settled opinion about."

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