Saturday, 6 May 2017

Christmas message stops adoption

"A poignant note from heartbroken young mother Carla Andrews was tucked into the family’s photo album as she faced last Christmas Day without her seven-month-old daughter Effie."

"It said simply: ‘It’s December 24, 10.15pm. I’m ready for bed, but as I write this I am dreading Christmas tomorrow because our baby girl won’t be here. I am missing you Effie . . . we all are. Me and Daddy promise to have you home soon. We love you, always have, always will. XXXXX’"

"This message, discovered by a judge by chance when the album was handed in as evidence during an historic family court case, helped stopped Effie being taken away and adopted. For the judge said it provided proof of the devotion of Carla and her partner Craig to Effie even though the pair were facing accusations of violently shaking their daughter and nearly killing her."

"The reprieve was not only a huge relief for Effie’s parents, but the judge’s view that they were innocent is expected to influence many cases that involve parents who are wrongly blamed for causing their babies’ injuries."

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