Sunday, 21 May 2017

Ex mayor of Islington has connections with Fallen Angels

"An ex-mayor of Islington and top councillor at the time when children were being raped in kids` homes has sensationally admitted her links to a pro-paedophile group that supported child sex in early 1980."
"The council said it was `shocked and concerned` by the Gazette`s information and has promised an inquiry led by a top lawyer."
"When approached, the former social services committee chair at first said she had `no memory of the period`."
"But then later came clean about her pro-paedophile past after being shown evidence - saying she was `a complete bloody idiot` who had been manipulated by those around her."
"However, just before the Gazette went to press, she changed her story again to say the allegations were `untrue and unfounded`.
"Survivors of the abuse say someone who had apparently held such repellent views should never have been given political responsibility for young people."
"Today, after a major investigation, the Gazette can reveal that documents show."
  • "Former councillor Sandy Marks, who chaired the social services committee during the children`s homes scandal of the 1990s, attended a conference with a radical pro-paedophile activist group called Fallen Angels in 1980."
  • "The Fallen Angels campaigned to abolish age of consent laws and condemned child protection as `a racket`."

Only desperation drives social workers to confide in reporters. Their obligation in dealing with children is to retreat into secrecy to protect the child`s future. In Islington the social workers are desperate.
At their request we have examined the state of affairs within the remit of Islington social services department. We have studied hundreds of pages of confidential documents and taped many hours of interviews with staff, parents, children and police during the past 12 weeks.
What has emerged is a scandalous dereliction of duty by the council, institutionalised neglect that has exposed the most vulnerable children in its care to paedophiles, pimps, prostitutes and pornographers.
At first, as we investigated their concerns, we could scarcely believe what we were told.
How could suspected pimps have sex with children in council homes?
How could children in care be seduced into drugs, homosexuality and prostitution?
Above all, how could this have continued to happen after it had been brought to the attention of senior officials at the council?
There is a national crisis in residential care where disadvantaged or disturbed children are placed when their parents and guardians can no longer cope. Islington cannot be blamed for this, nor for the geography of its inner-city poverty flanked by the red light districts of King`s Cross and Soho.
Islington`s residential staff are nationally typical. They are mostly untrained, poorly paid and often alone on duty with needy and difficult children. Many are dedicated, selfless and untiring; others, sadly, are not.
What is inexcusable is the council`s refusal to listen and act when experienced staff and scared... children have tried to articulate their agony.
Equally inexcusable is a slavish adherence to a confused ideology. This allows the borough to actively advertise for homosexual and lesbian staff in its homes and then, when this liberal policy is abused by paedophiles sheltering behind the `gay rights` banner, to reject its critics as `homophobic`.
[The Evening Standard, October 6, 1992]

Children being abused while in the care of the state still goes on at the present time and is UK-wide. There isn`t a political leader who is not aware of it.

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