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Breaking down society

Domestic Violence

"This is a very troubling situation" says David Scott on UK Column News [12 May 2017] "and it`s come from some poorly thought out legislative proposals. The sort of things they`re talking are putting some sort of listening or tracking device in a toy to monitor a child who is away from one parent ... presumably to gain evidence on the other parent`s inappropriate behaviour... "

"They`re also talking about criminalising controlling behaviour and this has no definition. So it falls down to almost any sort of behaviour which could be painted as unwanted by one party. It is to be criminalised and it comes from an extension of domestic violence legislation to cover non-violent conduct. So if ... one partner is dominating another psychologically that is to be handled by domestic violence legislation and the people who ... put this idea forward are now saying well this latest proposal which comes from a fathers` organisation - Families Need Fathers I think it`s called - this is going too far. This is taking the concept of coercive behaviour as domestic violence and applying it where it shouldn`t be.  But of course the difficulty here is there are no definitions for any of these things. It is all extremely subjective and it criminalises normal behaviour and introduces the state - which is failing to prevent fraud, murder, child rape and indeed covering up all of the above - into families so that they can police families as well.

Mike Robinson: "And take more children perhaps?"

"That`s likely to be one of the end points, yes... As the state`s grip on family life gets ever more firm and the parents disappear more into the background then it`s going to be more and more children will be taken by the state ..."


Mike. Robinson:  "And smacking`s to become a form of domestic violence? "

"Well according to the Green Party in Scotland it should be. So this is also criminalising normal parenting... and putting the state here crucially between the child and its parent. So you`re a child. You`re told off and you don`t like the way it went down. So you phone the police ... because a child is not going to realise the horrible implications that has for the child itself and for the whole wider family ..."

"So is this because the Named Person scheme has more or less failed. Is it an attempt by the Scottish government to find other ways to sidle their way into family life?"

"I don`t know if this is exactly cause and effect because of the resistance to the Named Person but it`s certainly coming from the same stable of ideas where the family is seen as dangerous and toxic and the state is seen as all good, all knowing and the saviour of the innocent."

The gender unicorn

"OK, then tell us about gender then."

"This is a gender unicorn. I was quite surprised by this. This is coming from a gender fluid, transgender activist group in America who are now operating in the field of educational resources. That is what the `er` in the title stands for and the gender unicorn is a concept - and there is a colouring book - and a lesson being given to schoolchildren and they`re asked to plot their own gender identity in these various ways ... So you can be a certain gender: male, female, other. I`m not quite sure what `other` is ... and then how that expresses itself. The gender expression is largely how you dress - so we`re one step away from the fashion police here - who you`re physically attracted to and who you`re emotionally attracted to ... I think that`s what you used to call friendship ... and what this will of course do is promote confusion..."

"David, is sex assigned at birth?"

"Apparently so. .. It`s not real, right. The fallacy, the nonsense they`re trying to get across is that your gender is a social construct. It`s fluid. It`s whatever you want it to be. There`s no underlying scientific basis to say whether you`re male or female which is of course garbage and this is being taught to our children. It`s worrying. It`s completely nonsensical. It`s going to be exploited for a whole lot of ill I suspect because on one level it`s confusion and on another level it could easily be termed child abuse because what are you doing here? Who`s grooming people? Who`s introducing ideas into children that will blight their lives? There is a requirement for people to be a bit more responsible I would have thought."

Brian Gerrish: "David, I`ll just come in on this one. I`ll just say.... my personal opinion, I`ve pushed most strongly, that these agendas are certainly not nonsense. The agenda is calculated, it`s constructed in order to do a job which is to attack the minds of young children. It`s certainly there to help break down traditional heterosexual families. This is very very sinister applied behavioural psychology in order to destroy. This is not there to help create happy, loving family environments and people who are comfortable with their gender ... This is a calculated political agenda that has been created. The resources have been created through organisations like this particular one and of course if you go into it a little bit further somebody is funding this stuff. So ... yes many of us regard it as nonsense but the reality is this is a calculated political agenda designed to break down society as we know it. It`s very dangerous."

"Would you like to hear ... TSER`s mission?"

"Trans Student Educational Resources is a youth-led organisation dedicated to transforming the educational environment for trans and gender nonconforming students through advocacy and empowerment. In addition to our focus on creating a more trans-friendly education system, our mission is to educate the public and teach trans activists how to be effective organisers. We believe that justice for trans and gender non-conforming youth is contingent on an intersectional framework of activism. Ending oppression is a long-term process that can only be achieved through collaborative action."

"Is this Soros funded?" asks Brian Gerrish. "I mean that language to me is Open Society. This is change agent material."

"It is, it`s change agent and it`s also saying there is no end . It`s a long term process. So it never ends... There`s never any end to human differences. When there`s differences there`s some form of oppression going on, and we must get in there and we must fight that oppression and break down society until the oppression goes but the oppression never goes. So it`s a never ending attack on society. It`s extremely nihilistic when you get right down to it."

Curriculum for Excellence


"The school attainment levels in numeracy and literacy are plummeting and Scotland is plummeting down the educational scale at the international level."

Mike Robinson: "That`s a pretty impressive thing to have happened because of course Scotland and Northern Ireland had traditionally  better education systems than the rest of the UK."

"This was true. It is no longer true. The degree of decline, the steepness of the decline is really quite striking. So you`re not talking about a generational change. You`re not talking about having a completely new group of teachers coming through and being educated in a different way... it`s much more rapid than that. So you`re talking about things which have changed in the organisation of the existing resources. So this is .... Curriculum for Excellence. You can always tell a government programme and what it`s actually going to do by simply reversing the words ... and Girfec, Getting it Right for Every Child. When the Minister responsible, John Swinney, was standing in the Scottish parliament this week trying to explain why the levels of illiteracy in Scotland had doubled he was saying that we are going to remove bureaucracy. This is the bureaucracy the government applied and forced into the school. We`re going to remove it and concentrate on reading, on literacy, on numeracy and on health and wellbeing. So those are the three things. ... Do you notice anything strange about that list?"

"Well literacy and numeracy, we all got when we were at school... Health and wellbeing is up there with the other two in that the number of objectives that schools have to satisfy in health and wellbeing is more ... numerous than the numeracy requirements...  Now health and wellbeing sounds quite benign but it`s not because health and wellbeing is GIRFEC, which is happiness, which is how you think and how you behave. It`s reframing how you act. It`s essentially doing the parents` jobs for them, or seeking to. It`s changing how people think. You then get into sex ed, death ed and all of these things and that reframes how people approach these parts of life. It`s to change society. So the three things we`re trying to do is numeracy, literacy and change society. And because one of those things is actually harmful and taking up a lot of time - even if not harmful - the other two are, not surprisingly, suffering."

Update: Melanie Shaw

Melanie has been transferred to New Hall prison where she is being treated much better than at Foston Hall. She is able to take part in activities and mix with other prisoners. Melanie believes she will be released in July and thanks everyone who has continued to support her.

Brian and Janice Docherty

David Scott informs viewers and listeners that the situation for the Dochertys has improved and they are in contact with support and practical help. Having to go short of food and sleeping rough sometimes  had major health impacts but they are now recovering. "We hope this is the start of the turn around."

Mike Robinson. "So last week on Friday you mentioned that you had met Brian and Janice and we knew that they were not missing. But all of a sudden on Wednesday I think it was a whole flurry of articles appeared in the Londonderry Donegal area on various local news websites They all had the same headline. They all had the same text. And it said: Appeal issued over missing couple Brian and Janice Docherty. The PSNI in Derry are appealing for anyone who has seen or knows the whereabouts of Brian and Janice Docherty. They`ve been residing in the city. Brian and Janice Docherty were reported as missing to police last Thursday May 4. A PSNI spokesperson said: Police have received ... information that they may be in the republic of Ireland close to Letterkenny. If you have any information that may help locate Brian and Janice Docherty missing since Thursday 4th May please contact PSNI on 101 or Gardai ... and the number is given. Now this is very interesting for a number of reasons, David. First of all because we knew that they weren`t missing and second of all because every single one of these news outlets had used a copyrighted image which you took of Brian and Janice the first time you met them and this was used without permission."

"And so I approached each of these outlets and asked what they thought they were doing breaking copyright law in this way? And they all came back saying `Oh my goodness. We put this up in good faith. It was sent to us as a press release by Police Service Northern Ireland. And so I have been in contact with Police Service Northern Ireland and I`m waiting for a proper response from them at the moment to explain why they have used an image which they had no right to use in this appeal that they`ve issued. And of course they may just try to justify this by saying well it`s a missing persons issue so we chose an image, the best image we could find, which would help people locate Brian and Janice. But the fact is David that we had announced our knowledge of where they were - at least our knowledge that they were safe and well - five days prior to this press release going out. So to my mind this ... can be nothing other than intent by PSNI to intimidate Brian and Janice, to let them know that PSNI is watching them and I can`t see any other explanation."

David Scott. "There`s no good explanation for it. Let`s remember that Brian and Janice Docherty have broken no law ever. They`re not wanted for anything. ... And yet, and this is not the first time this has happened., they have consistently said they`re under surveillance. Whenever they get to a position where the authorities do not know their whereabouts they`re reported missing. Reported missing by whom I wonder? Not by their friends and relatives. They haven`t been in contact with friends and relatives. So who`s reporting them missing constantly, and why ? What`s the agenda here? Because if you go on holiday to Ireland you wouldn`t expect within five days the Gardai to track you down saying you`ve been reported missing. That wouldn`t be your normal expectation....but that is what happened when they first went to Ireland."

Brian Gerrish: "David I think I can assist a bit here because I`d like to take our audience today back to 1997-98."

He talks about the Bonnie Lewis case (not her real name) which involved Neath Port Talbot social services who falsely reported Bonnie missing in order to snatch her away from the US hospital where she had been successfully diagnosed for her medical condition which up to that point had been mismanaged in the UK.

David Scott. "And mental health services are so often the way these tracks are covered... As people fight what they clearly see as being things which are wrong and fight for truth and fight for justice they find ever more branches of the state reigned against them and they find their situation gets steadily worse rather than the justice they seek provided."

Tim Farron and unaccompanied Syrian children

Mike Robinson asks viewers to share his video which can be found on his Facebook page where he talks about Tim Farron who has made bringing unaccompanied Syrian children into the UK an election issue. Yet according to Mike Robinson in over a year he has never answered his questions about how he intends to ensure the safety of the children brought into the UK. It is important to recall that thousands of children living in the UK go missing from the care system every year. This is a matter that all MPs have known about since 2012 and all need to be pressed for answers. What are they going to do to help protect children in the care system?"
Dr Saleyha Ahsan, Dundee University

"The Dundee years and their lasting impact on a life that took the road less travelled - Dr Saleyha Ahsan."
"Saleyha is a medicine graduate of the University of Dundee, class of 2006. Before her time here, she was the first British Muslim woman to graduate from the royal military academy Sandhurst as an army officer and went on to serve in the royal army medical corps with an operational tour of Bosnia. While studying medicine, after leaving the army she was awarded an award for her care of the elderly attachment and developed her career as a filmmaker."
"As well as her work as an A&E doctor, Saleyha has had an impactful career as a television presenter, journalist, filmmaker, screenplay writer and has made documentaries focusing on the devastating impact on access to healthcare during war and has spent extended periods of time embedded with frontline medics."
For those in the area who are interested, Dr Saleyha Ahsan will be giving a talk on Saturday 13 May 2017 at Dundee University. Please ask her about the part she played in the BBC Panorama documentary `Saving Syria`s Children.`

See Saleyha Ahsan`s contradictory accounts of the alleged chemical incident in Robert Stuart`s blog below: 

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