Saturday, 1 August 2015

Professionals are confused about the Named Person scheme

"SCORES of public sector chiefs have said they are unclear how to implement SNP plans to appoint a ‘state guardian’ for every child, in the latest setback for the scheme. Events staged by the Scottish Government for 500 professionals from the police force and health, social care, local government and education sectors, uncovered widespread confusion. "

"Asked if the Government’s draft guidance ‘provides sufficient insight into how to provide the named person service to every child’, 54 per cent attending in Glasgow disagreed, as did 55 per cent at an event in Perth and 47 per cent in Edinburgh. Ministers have been told ‘more emphasis’ around the issue of ‘ consent’ is required, along with ‘more practical language’."

"There were also low levels of agreement when participants were asked if the guidance ‘offers enough information to facilitate the establishment of systems and processes to effectively manage information sharing with and by the named person’."

"Under the plans, approved by MSPs last year, every child will have a ‘named person’, who can theoretically be anyone but their mother or father. The measure is designed to ensure any potential cases of abuse or developmental difficulties are spotted and acted upon at an early stage. But many parents are furious at the prospect of state snoopers intruding in their lives by keeping watch on them, and a legal challenge is ongoing."

"Simon Calvert, spokesman for the No To Named Persons campaign, said: ‘If this is what professionals say, imagine what families think."

I think it is summed up quite nicely in the `Harmful Opinion` video which shows the relationship between the Named Person, GIRFEC and Curriculum for Excellence:

`Creepy Newspeak` are the words of choice.

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