Wednesday, 5 August 2015

GCSE in sex education

According to the Guardian, Goedele Liekens is a former Miss Belgium who is now a sex therapist and UN goodwill ambassador. She is going to use a Channel 4 programme, Sex in Class, to argue for a GCSE in sex education.

From the Express:

"A SHOCKINGLY explicit TV show featuring Lancashire schoolchildren writing their own hardcore porn stories and discussing oral sex is to be aired on Channel 4..."

"Headteacher Steve Campbell invited Liekens to the school. Defending his decision, he said that children were watching so much pornography it was important to correct the balance."

"He said: `I suppose it was quite a big step to invite her but in the last year we have dealt with teen pregnancies and inappropriate texts, and without the shadow of a doubt, the biggest single influence on children is pornography`."

"Later Campbell agrees to include some of the controversial ideas in his own sex education curriculum at the school."

"He said: `Re the content, we're [the teachers] now talking about aspects surrounding pornography, masturbation and sexual pleasure. I believe that the route we are going down is appropriate and is what is needed in the school`."

Graham Stuart MP

"During the show Liekens also petitions Graham Stuart MP, the chair of the Commons Education Committee. At the end of a delicate discussion between the two, she wondered if she'd enlisted his help."

"He appeared to agree, saying: `Have I just shaken hands to be an advocate for sexual pleasure?!`.."

Children should be encouraged to write their own hardcore porn stories because they are watching so much pornography that it is important to correct the balance !

Who do they think they`re kidding?

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