Friday, 7 August 2015

Licensing Parents

"Licensing Parents addresses the relationship between poverty, unemployment, and other socio-economic issues to competent parenting in a unique and creative manner. Examines why the current generation of children and youth is the first in our nation's history to be less well-off--psychologically, socially, and morally--than their parents were at the same age."

The Goodman Chronicle, which observes how Agenda 21 is being played out in Connecticut, comments on Judge Gill, a former District Judge, who wrote the forward to the book.

"There are people in high positions of power, in the United States, that believe people should be forced to become "licensed" before they are allowed to have children. One of these people is former judge for the Litchfield District Superior Court in Connecticut, Charles D. Gill. Judge Gill wrote the foreword to a book called Licensing Parents, and says that this was the book that convinced him that parents should be licensed. For an in-depth analysis on the extraordinary details and suggestions propagated in Licensing Parents, read the report A Critical Examination of the Book and Concept of "Licensing Parents"..."

"One excerpt from the article seemingly shows Gill's true feelings towards the parent/child relationship, implying that parents are detrimental in the development of children. Writing about the need to "develop children" Gill says:"
"An outstanding elementary school principal from Butte, Mont., Kate Stetzner, makes the point with perhaps more clarity. She subscribes to something she calls "the bathtub theory." Children come to school each day as empty bathtubs. Caring teachers and administrators dutifully fill that tub with nurturing, values, inspiration, and information, then the children go home ... and somebody pulls out the plug."See

Anybody who is shocked by the book Licensing Parents is going to wonder what Scotland is doing with its Parental Capacity to Provide Wellbeing Assessment.
"Parents who show respect for those around them, who act responsibly towards themselves and their unborn baby and who are willing to learn and make the most of the experience and resources around them, demonstrate the potential to look after their newborn baby’s well-being. "
All of that and more has to be demonstrated in front of the midwife pre-birth.

Eugenics by another route eh ?


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