Monday, 2 March 2020

Drag Queens for children !

"A drag queen called `Flowjob` who shares sexually explicit images of herself on Twitter has sparked a furious backlash after she visited a primary school to educate children as part of LGBT history month."

"The drag queen`s social media feeds show pictures of her simulating a sex act with a dildo, laying spread eagle in a bath tub with a ball in her mouth and simulating oral sex..."

"During the visit `Flowjob` read a story to Primary 1 children aged between four to five."

"Glencoates Primary School in Paisley has come under fire for allowing `Flowjob` to visit the kids with many saying it was `inappropriate`, `outrageous`, and `disgusting`."

"The school and its headteacher Michelle Watson have since locked their Twitter accounts following the barrage of complaints on social media over the weekend."

"One parent with a seven-year-old child at the school blasted the headteacher and claimed parents had not been told about Flowjob`s visit..."


Journalist Sonia Poulton has investigated the spread of drag queen story time in Britain.

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