Thursday, 10 August 2017

What lies behind the child abuse cover-ups ?

UK Column News [10 August 2017]

"We reported about a week ago that we were getting concerned because people were telling us about events in Sheffield where the children of immigrant families were being targeted by Sheffield social services supported by the police. They were taking children - certainly taking children away from protective parents, whether that was the mother or the father - and the child ultimately being taken away for fostering or given to the abusive parent."

"Now what I want to say is we`ve had a steady stream of information coming in on this but we still can`t report fully because of an ongoing court case but we`ve now got other individuals who`ve come forward as a result of our reports talking about this being a template aimed at immigrant communities, or the children of immigrant communities, which is taking place in other areas. So this is what is being reported through to the UK Column and I can assure you that we`ve done enough research to date to know that the people contacting us are telling the truth about what they`re seeing."

"This is the image though that the mainstream press are trying to put across. So we`ve got Sarah Champion  in a Telegraph article and she`s on the subject of Pakistani and Asian men. She said: `People are more afraid to be called a racist than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse... We have got now hundreds of men, Pakistani men, who have been convicted of this crime..."

"Why are we not commissioning research to see what is going on and how we need to change what is going on so that it never happens again? ... if such crimes were being committed by, for example, a `motorbike gang` we would recognise that as an indicator and we would deal with it`..."

"Now I think this lady`s heart is in the right place but I think she`s utterly falling into the trap which is being set, which is that the only cases which are being brought to court at the moment, or the majority of cases being brought, are heavily focused on Asian gangs - absolutely correct, those men are abusing the children - but in the background we have massive abuse of children, white children, Christian, Asian, all sorts of children, which is being carried out by the local authorities themselves with the help of the courts and the police and of course none of this is being reported; neither are we seeing any investigation into the reports of abuse within the walls of Westminster. "

"So I think the agenda here Mike in the mainstream press, they are using the child abuse issue as another stick in order to try and deflect people into hatred between races or religions."

Mike Robinson. "I`m going to say that`s absolutely right. This was the front page of the Daily Mail this morning `How many more girls` lives torn apart by sex gangs? Now look Brian, it is a fact that we have been criticised quite often in the past for our coverage of this subject. We`ve been accused of glossing over the fact that these sex gangs are mostly Asian and Muslim. We`ve even been accused of apologising for them which of course as you`ve just said we absolutely are not. But what we are doing is trying to encourage people to focus on why these gangs are allowed to operate. Because they are being allowed to operate. Who`s behind the cover-up of this activity? Because until we deal with that question we can`t find any permanent fix to the issue of sex gangs whether they`re Muslim or otherwise. "

"So again I urge people to read the Common Purpose Effect series of articles written by Martin Edwards mainly, and absolutely superb articles. If you want to understand how this is happening, you`ve got to understand that."

"And let me also remind you of this article from the BBC. Why wasn`t mother warned of paedophile? This was on the BBC website a few days ago which highlighted the fact that it was Thames Valley chief constable Sarah Thornton who had covered up for the child abuser at the centre of this story. And this is the same Sarah Thornton as we mentioned last week who systematically covered up the abuses of Oxford and Cherwell Valley College which we were working on bringing to the public domain since 2011. "

"And this particular article appeared in 2013. And this is the same Sarah Thornton who`s now head of the National Police Chiefs` Council.  So this woman has questions to answer. Common Purpose has questions to answer because if you look at the places where the grooming and the sex gangs were operating we find a massive Common Purpose presence among the people who are making the decisions about whether people were to be prosecuted or were turning a blind eye in many cases; and you`ve got to ask the question: was this intentional or was it not? Were they permitting this activity to take place or were they not? Were they permitting it to take place because at some future date it would give them the opportunity to encourage people to look in the direction of Muslims rather than looking in their own direction. There are lots of questions to be answered here. "

"And let`s just get back to Sarah Thornton chairwoman of the National Police Chiefs` Council and of course one of her colleagues is the chief constable of Northumbria Police and the news is full of this story today: Police use of child rapist informant in underage abuse case `beggars belief`, says NSPCC. Because this is an incredible situation where the Northumbria Police recruited a child rapist to spy on parties where the police believed that underage girls would be present and they would be abused. And even the NSPCC has come out and said that this situation beggars belief. So this child rapist informant was paid £10,000 by the police to assist the investigation. The Chief constable claims that this man was not committing any offences in the process of work he was doing for the police and you know I`m almost speechless... The situation we`re in at the moment Brian where we have cover-up after cover-up and evidence after evidence; but we don`t look at parliament; we don`t look at the police; we don`t look at local councils and social services and Common Purpose. Instead we look at Muslims."

"And Asians."

"And the Asians. If they`ve committed an offence they get taken to court and they get convicted and they go to prison; that`s absolutely right; but this will continue to happen until we start looking at the source of the problem."

"Indeed... What struck me with this headline is of course the comment is from NSPCC. We know from survivors of child abuse that many of those survivors are highly suspicious of charities like NSPCC. They say, don`t trust them; they`re too close to the abuse going on ... we asked the Metropolitan police why they were using NSPCC to answer their numbers on the Met police website - so if you called in thinking you were speaking to the police you`re actually put through to the NSPCC. So no separation of powers here Mike."

"No. And just as a closing comment on the chief constable for Northumbria... he is really keen to achieve a Common Purpose with partners. And this is the key problem. It says Common Purpose with partners. This is what allows the cover-up to take place. Because as you say, no separation of powers and this is a heading from Northumbria police accounts. Ensuring the Force and Partners Work Together to Achieve a Common Purpose with Clearly Defined Functions and Roles. It seems to me the clearly defined functions and roles at the core of that is the words cover-up."

"Indeed. And of course Mike... well several years ago you and I and another lady were in one of the police stations in Plymouth ... reporting that a little baby boy was being abused - not sexually, but neglected, as the abuse, in South Wales - and far from being received with care, concern, interest, we had a sergeant in that police station shouting at us in a very aggressive way. In fact we were told to get out of his interview room. Clearly he was not interested in any evidence about the abuse of children...Looking back at that incident [I think] that particular officer was scared of the information we had. "

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