Monday, 7 August 2017

Tribunal starts today about Connor

Sara Ryan and Connor's family have informed the public that the charges against Dr Murphy will be explored at the General Medical Council tribunal starting today for two weeks. [#JusticeforLB]

"The tribunal will enquire into the allegation that, between January 2012 and June 2014, Dr Murphy was employed by the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. It is alleged that, during this employment, the risk assessments carried out by Dr Murphy, in relation to Patient A, were inadequate and she failed to adequately and appropriately gain consent from Patient A and/or his parents for the care and treatment provided."

"It is also alleged that, on 9 April 2013, Dr Murphy prescribed risperidone to Patient A but failed to explain the benefits, risks and side effects of the medication to the patient; indicate whether lorazepam had been used and/or whether it was effective and make a diagnostic formulation for the administration of risperidone."

"It is further alleged that Dr Murphy`s completion of mental capacity assessment forms for Patient A on 16 April 2013 and 21 May 2013 were inadequate."


See A pre-tribunal Sunday in August

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