Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Dangerous substance used in attack

"Emily Bowen poured One Shot drain cleaner into a viola case owned by school pupil after she had found out the girl had begun dating a former boyfriend. The instrument was destroyed and a girl was severely injured when she pulled her viola case from a shelf and the acidic liquid poured from the case over her legs."

"The victim was left `screaming in pain` as the acid drain cleaner burned her clothes and onto her skin during the incident in East Lothian. Bowen, now 18, previously admitted to recklessly and culpably pouring sulphuric acid into a viola case in the knowledge it would be removed from a shelf by the victim causing sulphuric acid to spill onto her legs, all to her injury and permanent disfigurement, last September..."

"Yesterday, defence solicitor Jim Stephenson told the court Bowen had recently been diagnosed with autism and was suffering from depression. Mr Stephenson added his young client `struggles to deal with things` and she has a `supportive family` but asked for a community order to be imposed so she can be monitored. But Sheriff O’Grady told the acid attacker: `You should understand there is currently a very real public concern and fear about the emergence of this awful substance`. "

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