Thursday, 3 December 2015

The disgusting bombing of children in Syria

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That is not the photograph that I would have chosen for this blog but it has been one of the most difficult to put together.

Why all of a sudden is it difficult to put Mhairi Black`s photograph together with a newspaper article and a few words from a blog?

Search me. But I`ve persisted.

The 21-year-old SNP MP said it was a 'very dark night in Parliament' as MPs overwhelmingly backed David Cameron's plans to bomb Isis in Syria.
Britain`s youngest MP Mhairi Black has promised to `never forget the noise` of politicians cheering the idea of bombing after MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of David Cameron`s plan to launch air strikes against Isis in Syria.


  1. Interesting

    Facebook seems to be in lock down in many areas.

  2. This is the one reason why there should be no centralisation of services - or anything else for that matter.