Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Databases and the global map

"Social, Emotional, Behavioral Data is collected at school and entered into state longitudinal data warehouses accessed by 3rd party data miners. Psychological dossiers are created in fed NCES/IES DATABANKS. Interventions into personalities toward gov't group think ideology is accomplished through accountability. Response to Intervention and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports are the constant remediation feedback loop legislated through ESEA, Title I and IDEA, SPECIAL EDUCATION FUNDING." #StopESEA @HogeAnita (21.7.2015)

Anita Hoge is the parent who put pressure on the Pennsylvania state to withdraw the EQA which was a test to assess attitudes, values and behaviour in the classroom. The state was forced to withdraw that policy with an assurance that it would never do it again. However, Hoge has found that the state is attempting to implement the same kind of profiling of children.

Speaking to the House she says: "When you stated that the House would want local control... they did not want a national standardised test; that they did not want it to be burdensome, that they wanted to protect the privacy of children, I can tell you that the Pennsylvania Department of Education is violating every one of those, right now."

She explains that what is happening is a federal encroachment by having standards coming down on to states from the federal government. Moreover they are stating that every child has to meet specific outcomes - a huge power shift, where before it was the local district that created the standards.

Not only that, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was changed by an executive order of the President. The state departments of education are now allowed to have contracts with third party contractors. Most people do not know that these third party contractors can have access to personally identifiable information on children.

The Pennsylvania Department of Ed has accepted over 24 million dollars from the National Education of Statistics to implement a data system that will collect information on individual children. When Anita Hoge looked closer at the contracts she discovered that the database was to be implemented as a national ID system for every child, adolescent, adult, teacher ... in the US.

She says: "The significance of this was that the data system was to be implemented to create a womb to workplace data system." 


 What populations want is neither here nor there. The Scottish establishment with its Named Person policy and integrated datasets is doing its best to accommodate to the corporate global vision.

"Asked where Scotland sits compared to Europe and the US, chief executive Gillian Docherty said: "We`re not behind. I think we often hide our light under the bushel, so to say, but we`re doing some really great things and part of our mission is to put us on the map more."
Information is power hears Socitm Scotland conference

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